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Screen Printing

While we do have an excellent design team on staff, sometimes you already have the exact design you want in mind. For these instances, we offer high-quality screen printing to make an exact replica of whatever you desire. With our help, you can create rocking t-shirts and other apparel for an event as well as promotional products to help with branding or marketing. The options are endless!

How Screen Printing Works

Screen printing is a technique that involves creating a stencil or screen of your design. This stencil is placed onto the piece of fabric that will be printed. Next, various layers of ink will be applied directly on the printing surface, with the stencil protecting the areas of the shirt that aren’t supposed to be colored. If you have multiple colors in your print, we will use multiple stencils to ensure there is no bleeding or mixing of tones.

The finished product will be a beautiful and vibrant print that will perfectly meet your needs.

Benefits of Screen Printing

While there are other methods of printing designs, we prefer to use screen printing for a number of reasons. This traditional process is time-tested and customer-approved.

Brighter Colors

Screen printing is usually able to offer brighter and more vibrant colors than other printing methods. This is especially important if you have chosen a darker piece of apparel. Because the ink is applied in thicker amounts, it’s able to be absorbed better by the material and will stand out more. This results in a finished product that has true-to-life colors and will not disappoint.

Long-Lasting Images

You don’t need to worry about images fading or losing their brightness with screen printing. Even after multiple washings, your design will still look just as bright and colorful as it did the first day you wore it. All of the inks we use are permanent and don’t ever come off.

Each Design is Hand-Printed

Because the screen printing process is so detailed, it can’t be automated. This means that each shirt must be pressed and inked by a human being. While this might be more labor intensive, it gives you much more freedom when choosing which kinds of apparel you’d like your graphic design to be on. Screen printing can be applied to uneven or curved surfaces, meaning you can also order products like hats, socks, or even koozies – the choices are limitless!

Quick Turnaround

While screen printing does take some time to create the stencil and manually ink all the shirts, it is still a rather quick process. We’ll be able to have your finished products ready for you shortly after you order. Even better, once the stencil is created, we can save it for future use, speeding up the printing time and allowing you to order additional shirts if you run out.

Ready to get your promotional products or t-shirts screen printed? Contact Urban Uniforms today to learn more about our pricing and get a quote for your organization. We guarantee that any design we have screen printed will be perfectly done in the best quality possible. Nothing but the best for our customers!

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