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Graphic Design

Are you in need of a cool t-shirt for your next big event, group outing, or school activity? At Urban Uniforms, we are experts at turning your preliminary ideas into beautifully realized graphic designs. We can take your basic concept and transform it into a t-shirt that people will be excited to wear. Give your group a sense of unity and purpose by providing them with personalized gear.

Come Up With an Idea

There’s no reason you should have to come up with a t-shirt design on your own. You want your tees to look professional and sophisticated, which might be hard to accomplish without the help of a professional designer. That’s why we’d be happy to help design and plan your shirt. All you have to do is brainstorm and come up with an awesome idea. We’ll take it from there and run with your idea.

Give Us Your Idea

Once you’ve done some soul-searching and come up with an idea that is sure to wow the world, give us a call or send us an email. Try to explain your idea in as much detail as possible so that we can accurately match your vision. If you have any reference artwork or inspiration, we’d love to see it. Finally, we’ll also need some specifications about your shirts, such as the number of colors being used and the size of the artwork, before we begin.

Watch Our Designers Get to Work

Now is when the magic happens. Our designers will get to work creating and perfecting your dreams. Because this process is labor intensive and takes a lot of time to get right, we only create graphic designs for customers that are 100 percent interested and committed to ordering shirts from us. By the end of this period, we’ll come up with a t-shirt that will be perfect for your needs.

Give Us Your Approval

Before we get started printing all of your new shirts, we need to make sure that you approve of the graphic design. Though our designers are awesome and generally get things right the first time, sometimes your vision changes along the way or you might want to make a few alterations. This is no problem, as we can make small changes as long as you’re still interested in placing an order. Our overall goal is to make sure you’re satisfied, and we’ll stop at nothing to get there.

Wear Your New Shirt With Pride

Finally, we’ll get to printing your design on one of our various blends and styles. When your final t-shirts are delivered, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the beautiful quality and precision of the image. Whether your graphic design is simple or intricate, we vow to make a masterpiece that everyone in your organization will love. In fact, you might want to order extra shirts just in case you end up wearing them out.

If you’re in need of new t-shirts but are holding back on placing an order because you don’t have a graphic design, don’t hesitate any longer. Our free graphic design services give you the option for complete customization to truly express the uniqueness of your organization.

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"Robert was a huge help to us, especially being our first clothing line. He made the process really easy and clear!" - Daniel N, Navigate Fitness

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