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While screen printed shirts generally look awesome, sometimes you’re in need of a more sophisticated edge. Perhaps you want to create a set of customized polo tees for wearing on the golf course. Or maybe, you want to create a set of personalized fleece jackets to represent your school or business. Whatever the case, our solution for these polished needs is embroidery.

With embroidery, you will get that elegant feel without the expense of an overpriced retailer.

How Embroidery Works

These days, the embroidery process is mostly handled by machines, allowing us to create uniform and high-quality results in just a short time.

To begin, we will take your design and load it into our industrial sewing machines. Next, we will take your apparel and press it into a frame to make sure it is taut and smooth. Once it looks good, we will place it in the machine, which will begin sewing automatically. Each thread color will be stitched separately until finally, the design is complete. Afterward, we do a quality check to make sure there are no loose threads or missing stitches.

Benefits of Embroidery

Embroidery can have a number of different benefits over other methods of t-shirt design. When deciding on which look to go for, it’s important to compare these benefits to see which process might be right for you.

Longest Lasting Results

Unlike screen printing, which relies on ink to create a design, embroidery is actually stitched into the material. While ink is a super long-lasting means of design, it can’t outlast these stitches, which will never fade even after many years of wear. This makes it a good choice for things you have to wash frequently, like work shirts or uniforms.

More Visible Results

Not only is embroidery the longest lasting method of design, but it’s also the most noticeable and eye-catching. Each stitch of the image will stick off and out of the shirt or other article of clothing. This visual difference in layers makes it easier to see, as it quite literally stands out apart from the other fabric.

Choose More Versatile Fabrics

While screen printing works great on fabrics like cotton, it misses the mark on thicker and fluffier fabrics like fleece. Because this material is so textured, it has problems absorbing the ink at an even rate, leading to a splotchy print. Embroidery, however, has none of these issues. A stitched design will look crisp and clear for years to come.

Choose More Than One Color

Because embroidery does not require the creation of multiple stencils for added colors, it usually doesn’t cost more to have more than one color in a design. Because of this, it can actually end up being more cost-effective to choose embroidery if you have a very colorful idea in mind. However, to be sure, give us a call to get an estimate of costs before making your decision.

Looking for a more polished look to your t-shirt design? Consider embroidery, as we promise every stitch of your design is done just right. When you are ready to get started, just call Urban Uniforms for a free quote.

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